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Show me the money! (Treegate 9)

Let me share with you some more facts that brings up lots more questions about the money, that David Dwyer and AMACC acquired, and the promised $20k.



First off the Anzac Memorial Avenue Centenary Committee  (AMACC) was created as a sub-committee of the Pine Rivers RSL Sub-branch.  As evident in this general meeting minutes snippet:

“A questioned was raised as the AMACC is a Sub-Committee of the Pine Rivers District RSL Sub-Branch, should the bank account be hooked to their bank account.”
(Source: AMACC General Meeting Minutes dated 4th March 2013)

REMEMBER this fact!  



As a sub-committee, AMACC also used the RSL Sub-branch name to apply for, and receive grants etc.

XXXXXX  has spoken with the Sub-Branch re grant applications. As the AMACC is a Sub- Committee of the Sub-Branch they must submit Grant Applications.“
(Source: AMACC General Meeting Minutes dated 4th March 2013)    



In the first 2017 General Meeting, which is the meeting following the deal with developers (to accept $20K for the loss of the tree), AMACC went to split from the RSL by raising this item:

“AMACC Becoming an Organisation in its’ Own right. We will be looking at how AMACC might become registered as an Organisation in its own right.

o MOTION: That AMACC forms as an organisation in its’ own right. That we cut all ties with Pine Rivers & District RSL Sub-Branch. Moved: X    XX Seconded: X    XX
o Motion to be held over until further clarification from Pine Rivers & District RSL Sub-Branch.”

(Source: AMACC General Meeting Minutes dated 20th February 2017)



On 1st April 2017, In a Special Meeting, AMACC separated themselves from RSL Sub-branch, after the Sub-branch direct them to shut down.

“Purpose of Meeting:
To discuss the direction for AMACC for the future after the letter received from Pine Rivers District RSL Sub-Branch wanting to close us down by the end of March 2017.”

(Source: AMACC Special Meeting Minutes dated 13 March, 2017)



And in that meeting they try to claim they were never a sub-committee of the RSL Sub-Branch.  WHAT THE?!!

“The letter from Pine Rivers District RSL Sub-Branch was discussed and it was agreed that AMACC is not currently a sub-Committee of the Pine Rivers District RSL Sub-Branch and that current members had not ever agreed to formally become a Sub-Committee of the RSL.”
(Source: AMACC Special Meeting Minutes dated 13 March, 2017)


FRICKEN BULL!! They have it in earlier minutes that they are a sub-committee!!  Can’t change History!!!

Btw sub-committees can't just split from their parent organisation. You shut down and hand over any money back to the parent organisation.



So they went along and registered the name with the Australian Business Register on 1st April 2017, and obtained their own ABN. Funny enough that was 3 days before the developer’s plan (of the new servo that will cut down the Anzac Memorial Tree) was approved by council.

Australian Business Registration of AMACC




Just before this, My K-Town 4503 exposed AMACC’s deal with the developers, to receive $20K (for the loss of the Anzac Memorial Tree) once the development was approved.


As a result of the scandal, the executive committee told members they were closing their newly split/created organisation.

The Disgraceful Campaign against AMACC being run by Pine Rivers and Districts RSL Sub Branch and XXXX – President XXXXX Association

2. The Disbanding of AMACC due to this campaign.“
(Innocent person and association censored, due to incorrect accusation)

(Source: Agenda for Meeting dated 18th April 2017)

“It is with deep regret that we have to inform the public that the Anzac Memorial Avenue Centenary Committee (AMACC) has been wound up from pressure within the Pine Rivers District RSL Sub-Branch.”
(Source: Letter addressed to Members dated 2nd May 2017)



They took their existing money (raised under the affiliation and name of the RSL), and gave it to another separately run association. (Whom the latter were probably not aware AMACC weren't allowed to do this).

“Sadly AMACC (Anzac Memorial Avenue Centenary Committee) was forced to close and what funds they had were passed on to NPHSI (North Pine Historical Society) …”



Now that the Development application has finally been approved by State Government (after the appeal), does that mean AMACC or its new affiliation will still get the $20k?


And why is the AMACC name still registered as an association?  

Yes, that is right! They are still registered... 410 days after they were telling members they were shutting it down!




WHERE IS THE $20K?  If it does/has changed hands, it should go to the RSL!



Here is another observation.. Remembering our first article exposing this story was published on the 8th April 2017 (  

Here is an email of AMACC’s Secretary eluding it was us who caused the RSL  to ask them to “leave”:

“HI All,

Please have a look at the attacks on AMACC from this site and in particular on our President.

I think it is disgusting and by the address of the company  that states XXXX, Kallangur it appears to be a member of the Pine Rivers RSL. I also had a call from XXX   X" (journo) "today pertaining to a letter sent to them from the Pine Rivers RSL and he is going to run a story about whether or not we are a sub-committee of the Pine Rivers RSL ... really?

XXXX    also informed me about a letter received from XX   XX Association President XX    XX, which is demanding that David and I step down as committee members.

The RSL asked us to leave them.”
(Source: Email from sent on Mon 10/04/2017 5:21 PM to members, with subject title “This Facebook Site is unfactual”) (Names have been censored to protect innocent persons incorrectly accused, or inadvertently brought into this topic).  Note we are not members of, or associated with, the Pine Rivers RSL Sub Branch.

This is despite them wanting to break off, (as they stated in minutes dated 20th Feb 2017), and them registering the business name on the 1st April… both before our first article on 8th April !!!

And if you are “leaving”.... doesn’t that mean you were a “sub-committee”?

And the legality of using the word “ANZAC” in your organisation without the express permission of the Department of Veteran Affairs?