Christmas Lights, Christmas Lights Everywhere!

We've created something for all the parents of the Moreton Bay region! A Christmas Lights Directory!

As it's coming up to Christmas, the My K-Town team thought they should do something nice for the community, to make every parents life a little easier! We created a section on the website for the people who have setup a Christmas lights display at their house, to enter their address details.

And as these Christmas lights displays start to get turned on they will appear in the suburb lists.  Then you just need to pick the suburb you want to go to, and you will see a list of all the streets with displays, and what numbers they are at.

We've made it as simple as possible to use so there is little confusion.  

Check it out by clicking the "Christmas Lights" button just up the top of this page!  Or click here.

Merry Christmas, from the entire My K-Town 4503 team!!