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More Questions about AMACC (Treegate 2)

Suddenly the AMACC have split from the Kallangur RSL Sub Branch, I wonder why??
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During the investigation for the recent story on the Anzac Memorial Trees being cut down to make way for the driveway of a new service station, we found the following information on the Anzac Memorial Avenue Centenary Committee (AMACC), that we thought you would be interested in too:

  • It was formed in 2013 as a sub committee of the Pine Rivers RSL Sub Branch

  • Minutes were regularly published to their website, up until May 2015, accept for a couple of key minutes. Including the one in March 2014 that would have mentioned the results of the RSL sub-branch’s decisions after they raised concern on AMACC’s structure (& use of a separate bank account)

  • In April 2014, the Secretary, who raised concern over using a separate bank account, resigned.

  • 5th May 2014’s minutes are also conveniently missing.

  • But another special meeting was held in May 2014, showing there was a new vote for all the committee positions again. Where then MBRC Division 7 Councillor David Dwyer was voted back in as Chairman.

  • Question: Did they set up a new association, separate from the RSL at this point?

  • In June 2014’s minutes they have moved the AMACC bank account from Commonwealth to Bendigo bank.

  • The minutes up to May 2015, mention AMACC’s acceptance of various grant money and compensation donations for memorials post development (incl from Woolworths and Hungry Jacks).

  • In July 2015, the committee look at producing Membership cards.

  • Question: if they were still apart of the RSL sub-branch, they wouldn't be requiring membership cards, because they wouldn't have separate members, would they?

So we here at My K-Town 4503 have been wondering about the setup of AMACC and their connection, or lack of with the RSL, and did a thorough search for AMACC as an organisation. We didn't find anything. Well initially anyway. Until low and behold a recent refresh of the ABN registers are suddenly showing the AMACC as a unincorporated organisation from 1st April, 2017. (No, no April fools).

How convenient that they are now suddenly registered, (separately from RSL mind you), 3 days before the approval of the Development Application that secures the $20,000 donation.  Do they not want the the RSL to get a hold of that $20,000??

Wow! What are the chances of them becoming a registered organisation, just in time?  And does that mean they have actually been running as an unregistered organisation for a couple of years now?

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