Alma Rd / Thompson Rd Upgrades

For those who regularly drive around the small 90 degree bend in Alma Rd, Dakabin where it intersects with Thompson Rd, you will have noticed that for some time now there has been unfinished roadworks there.

It was almost a year ago that Cr Denise Sims announced the approval of the external upgrade works for these 2 intersections.  Although not much has happened since then, we expect that these roadworks should be completed in line with the completion of the new estate on that corner.  And it will improve safety for both road users and pedestrians and will tie in with the Dakabin Train Station disability upgrades.

At the moment, as there is no footpath, it’s very dangerous for pedestrians to move between the housing on Alma Road and Dakabin Train Station.  They have to walk on the narrow road with cars and trucks coming very close to them at speed.

The upgrades will include a re-alignment of Thompson Rd between the two sections of Alma Rd, making for a less pronounced corner. Then T-intersections will be added at both the Alma Rd and Thompson Rd corner, and where the underpass intersects with Thompson Road. The T-intersection on the Thompson Rd side of the railway underpass will have the added benefit of making it much easier for traffic coming from the Narangba Road side of the underpass to see oncoming traffic, therefore making it much safer for road users.

Alma Rd / Thompson Rd Upgrade
Alma Rd / Thompson Rd Upgrade

The addition of wide footpaths for pedestrians will also increase safety, and once the train station upgrades are complete, all people including those with disabilities will be able to safely walk from the housing estates on Alma Road to Narangba Road with considerable ease.

We don’t know exactly when this road upgrade will be completed, we asked Cr Denise Sims for more information. We received the following response from her personal assistant:

The upgrades to the Alma/Thompson Road intersection are conditioned on the developer when they complete stage 3 of their works. No timelines have been confirmed at this stage but Councillor Sims is keeping a close eye on it.

As for the road running between the new estate and the train line, according to the Moreton Bay Regional Council’s planning scheme, it’s currently a proposed council district collector, and listed as being an extension of Thompson Road.

Thompson Road Proposed Council District Collector
Thompson Road Proposed Council District Collector
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