AMACC Still Registered (Treegate 7)

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A month after David Dwyer and co. registered Anzac Memorial Avenue Centenary Committee (AMACC) as a separate entity from the Pine Rivers RSL Sub-branch, AMACC are still registered according to the Australian Business Register  (

This is despite their actions being brought to the public’s attention, and the executive’s mention to members and to public enquiries that they would be shutting down.

“Unfortunately, AMACC is in its final stages of winding up due to a rather disgraceful smear campaign run by Pine Rivers and Districts RSL and the Kallangur Business Association President.” (Dated 26th April)

Let’s hope they are transferring ALL money back to the RSL, whom they were only supposed to be a sub committee of anyway.

We also would like to point out that the RSL and Kallangur Business Association have noinvolvement in these “Treegate” My K-Town articles. But this letter does go to show AMACC’s disrespect for the RSL and the Kallangur Business Association, to accuse them so easily.

The other thing we would like to mention, is here at My K-Town 4503, we base all our articles on fact. We have evidence of AMACC accepting the offer of $20k; We have evidence showing the RSL’s request for AMACC to shut down; etc etc. So this is not a “smear campaign”, but a report and opinion pieces on realactions by AMACC that we know the public want to know. Because AMACC haven’t been acting in the best interest of the public recently.

By the way, we are still trying to save the Anzac Memorial Tree. The one that AMACC approved for removal, for $20,000 compensation, on approval of the Development Application for the proposed 7-11 Service Station on the corner of Anzac Ave & Ferrier St, Kallangur.

Please sign the petition to save the tree here:

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