Balstrup Park in Kallangur

For our second park in our series to highlight our beautiful local Kallangur Parks, we took a picnic lunch to Balstrup Park.

Situated beside the roundabout on Duffield Rd, parking is best on Orchid Ave.

Though if you are walking, there are multiple ways to get there, with the Park siting along the Freshwater Creek bike/walk path which runs from Ross Reserve to Anzac Ave at the Brays Rd intersection.

From the road, Balstrup Park just looks like a small playground, but once you take time to look, you will see the park is actually quite big with lots of green space for picnics or ball games. Just be careful of the nesting plovers under one of the northern trees.

View from the western end of Balstrup Park, facing towards Duffield Rd.

This park has a reasonable size playground to keep the younger kids entertained, while the teenagers can practice getting some hoops in on the half basketball court.

While you are visiting Balstrup Park, see if you can spot the ducks and other wildlife in Freshwater Creek, running alongside the park.


Amenities: unfenced playground, half basketball court, water fountain, walking/bicycle path.

Where: 170 Duffield Rd, Kallangur, at the Roundabout.

Google Map showing the location of Balstrup Park.
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