Blatchford Reserve Upgrade

For those in the area around it, Blatchford Reserve is a name they will recognise, a large green space with a few facilities. There are no toilets, no BBQs, and very little shaded seating.  Starting shortly, this will all change!

Work for the Blatchford Reserve upgrade had begun back in 2016, and on completion will finally bring a big recreational space, catering to all age groups, into the Murrumba Downs / Kallangur area. Everything from decent a playground for the little kids, to a space big enough for a friendly game of football. But it doesn’t stop there.

Some of the upgrade work has already been completed.  What used to be two separate courts, a Netball court and a Basketball court have now become a Fitness court, and an extension to the Basketball court to allow for a Netball half-court.  There is also a new dog off leash area.

Youth Precinct

The next upgrade will be the construction of a “Youth Precinct”.  Not the traditional space you might be thinking of which might include skate ramps etc.  This youth space will include an outdoor table tennis table, partially surrounded by a spectator mound. There will also be some form of climbing element and handball courts,  a shelter/picnic setting and a drinking fountain. Further to this there will also be additional shade trees planted.  This upgrade will be completed in the 2018/2019 financial year.


We know there have been some rumours flying around the local area, about the Council buying the two houses which sit in the middle of the Blatchford Reserve block, 173, and 175 Goodfellows Road, Murrumba Downs (pictured below).  This is correct, but there was also a rumour that the Council had planned to develop these blocks into units of some kind.  Thankfully this is false!

These houses have been bought by the Council with the sole intention of demolishing them. They will then be using the land for car parking, a kids playground, a kick and throw space, picnic and BBQ facilities, and a toilet facility (proposed plan pictured below). This part of the Blatchford Reserve upgrade delivered during the 2019/2020 financial year and is open to consultation.

Pump Track

Even better this isn’t the end to the upgrades.  Next on the list is the upgrade of the Pump track (pictured below), which could see the old dirt mounds replaced by more permanent structures which would possibly also cater to skateboards as well as scooters.

Playing Field

But wait there’s more, the current large playing field will also see an upgrade. With the  proposal that the cricket nets be moved to the Goodfellows Road end of the field, and formal parking will be built on Buse Court.

No delivery dates for the Pump track and playing field upgrades have been given.  We will advise you once we know more.

Throughout the entire Reserve will be concrete pathways connecting all the facilities with the local streets and car parking facilities.

There are already a number of large and established trees in on the house blocks, and all efforts will be made to keep as many as possible, further to this there will be extra plantings of trees to provide additional shaded areas, and also privacy to neighbouring properties.

Consultation Session

A consultation session regarding the upgrade opportunities, will be held at the large shelter in Blatchford Reserve on Saturday 3rd November from 9:00am – 11:00am.  Council staff will be on hand to answer any questions and accept any feedback you’d like to register.

The Blatchford Reserve upgrade concept plans can be found here: blatchford-reserve-concept-masterplan.pdf

If you are insteresting in providing feedback, you can also do it online at the following web address:

If you require further information regarding this upgrade proposal, please contact Council on (07) 3205 0555 or email

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