Boundary Road, Dakabin: Upgrade Receives Federal Funding

Credit: Google Streetview

A great outcome for the residents and road users of Boundary Road in Dakabin.  Moreton Bay Regional Council has secured funding from the Federal Government’s “Black Spot” Program.

$747,000 is has been secured to reconstruct 230 metres of the road to realign the curve near Baze Ridge Drive, relocate stormwater and utility services as well as widening the road surface.  These upgrades will reduce the risk of accidents on this dangerous stretch of Boundary Road.

Cr Denise Sims travels along this stretch of Boundary road regularly,

As someone who regularly drives along Boundary Road, I know just how important this project will be for commuters, residents and users of the local pool. The road realignment will reduce the speed at which drivers approach the curve currently, and in turn seek to reduce the number of crashes occurring in the area,

This safety upgrade should see construction commence some time in the 2018/2019 financial year.

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