Bringing The Retail Back To Kallangur

It’s been a long time, a very long time since Kallangur has seen a significant boost to it’s retail outlets on Anzac Avenue. But in a yet to be fully approved development, it looks like we will finally claw some retail opportunities back from North Lakes.

Main Site Plan
Main Site Plan

This really is a book which should not be judged by it’s cover.  At this stage, it’s simply been named “Kallangur Development”, and while yes we know, it contains a YASS (Yet Another Service Station), the rest of the opportunities this development presents for Kallangur should not be overlooked.

Kallangur for a long time has suffered from stagnation within it’s main business precinct.  A significant number of our shops are vacant (and not for want of people trying to lease them), a lot of them are dilapidated, not properly serviced and quite basically, looking very tired.

North Lakes has a lot to answer for, a lot of council money has gone there, with Kallangur being over looked. This is slowly changing however, Council is injecting money back in to our community, with the upgrading of our more significant park spaces, and trying to encourage retail owners to activate their properties, breathing new life back in to Kallangur. A project to upgrade Yvonne Chapman park is also rumoured for the future that will be engaging for the community and local business’s. (More details to come)

When the new owners of the old Tulip Town site submitted a DA, it didn’t meet the standards Council were looking for with regards to a new development. It was originally rumoured to have no activation and aspect from ANZAC Ave, no built form at the front and crossover conflict with pedestrians.

But since then under the guidance of the MBRC, the front section of the old Tulip Town land has evolved into a significant retail precinct.  With space for multiple drive-thru outlets, a service station, office space, major supermarket space and a Medical centre.  It will also provide a decent sized functional playground.

Given the fact this development site is right at the Eastern entrance to Kallangur, some of the biggest concerns regarding the development was street activation, making the site more appealing and raising the development standards for Kallangur, so we asked Council for further information regarding how they worked with the developer and the development specific conditions they have put on the developer, the following is their response:

  1. The proposed Medical Centre building has been relocated from the southern boundary of the site so that it now adjoins and addresses Anzac Avenue, providing a genuine active frontage to Anzac Avenue.
  2. The proposal is now consistent with the planning scheme requirement of creating an active frontage being;
    1. A building that ensures interactivity and encourages cross-movement between the public and private domains at ground level and above ground levels, by the way the buildings are designed and oriented.  An active frontage is one that avoids blank walls and facades and instead:
      1. includes windows, openings, entry statements, balconies and awnings;
      2. uses a variety of materials, textures and colours;
      3. creates opportunities for surveillance and interface between different user groups;
      4. provides a variety of activities to occur along the building front.
  3. The Medical Centre has been designed to incorporate a second level of Offices with a greater vertical built form with awnings and windows to ensure the development provides an attractive, active presence to the street while also providing an attractive and clear presence of the entrance into Kallangur from the highway or Northlakes.  The design of the Medical Centre now incorporates a clear pedestrian entrance into the development emphasised through the use of an awning / entry arbour that extends into the road reserve.
Also covered by condition 22 below ensures the medial centre be constructed first as an entry statement prior to other lots constructed along the front boundary.
  1. Representations of the trees that line Anzac Avenue have been incorporated into part of the building façade to provide a connection to the heritage place with a requirement to plant more trees along the frontage to reinforce the heritage values.
  2. All proposed fast food drive-throughs, originally proposed close to the Anzac Avenue frontage have been relocated behind screens / outdoor dining areas so they are not easily visible to Anzac Avenue and moved up to 15 metres back from the road frontage behind an open space area.
  3. Two fast food drive-throughs remain on the development site and provide activation to the open space area at the front by having their outdoor alfresco / seating areas immediately adjacent to it rather than next to the internal car park.
  4. The proposed service station now provides for informal outdoor seating and alfresco area adjoining Anzac Avenue. This area has been designed to extend and create a large building frontage and awnings to Anzac Avenue and includes pedestrian entrances and walkways off Anzac Avenue.  The Service station will also have windows facing Anzac Avenue rather than a blank wall as originally proposed to activate the frontage.
  5. The existing bus stop on Anzac Avenue is to be upgraded as part of the development with the existing bus zone and indented bay to be retained. The proposed pedestrian entrance and alfresco area around the Service Station provides a clear pedestrian connection to the site from the bus stop. Awnings and seating areas around the Service Station will also provide shade and shelter to pedestrians.
  6. The loading dock and servicing area has now been screened to Brays Road to ensure the development has a positive design response to all road frontages.
  7. The development proposes a 430m2 public plaza that is internal to the site and surrounded by retail shops, food and drink outlets and alfresco dinning. Raised pedestrian connections will be provided back to Anzac Avenue and Cecily Street and to the adjoining residential development with pedestrian priority across internal driveways to ensure public utilisation of this space and safe connections to it.
  8. The development has been conditioned to investigate all opportunities to improve pedestrian connectivity within the site as well as beyond the boundaries of the site including if necessary further consultation with Main Roads about improvements to the existing crossings of Anzac Avenue.
  9. The development has now consolidated two (2) future development sites into one (1) at 4,264m2. This future development site will ensure that any future development can appropriately integrate with the development site and will also provide an opportunity for Council officers to work with the applicant to achieve a quality mixed use site.

This will definitely make for an interesting entrance to Kallangur, and we sure hope this encourages other future developers to be more mindful of our suburb, and that we want something better than blank concrete walls (regardless of the colour it’s painted).

The take home from this?  Well, Kallangur starts to get a face lift, hopefully some great new shops, a decent public space for younger kids, and, if you run out of fuel along Anzac Avenue in Kallangur, you will never be far from a service station.  And if you get sick, you should never have trouble finding a doctor.

Entrance from Anzac Avenue
Entrance from Anzac Avenue

One of the other concerns which has now been addressed is the number of driveways onto the property which presented a safety issue for pedestrians.  This has been done by making access from Anzac Avenue, an entrance only, and no exit.  All traffic will exit the property via Cecily Street.  What this means for the Anzac Avenue/Cecily Street roundabout is uncertain, but expect there to be more turning traffic on this roundabout, which sadly for Jim’s (Jim Grant) tree, could mean a signalised intersection will eventually be installed.

Possible Future Childcare Centre
Possible Future Childcare Centre

Also, something which we will be keeping an eye on, is the “Future Development” space, which is likely to become a childcare centre.

Multiple dwellings on a separate DA
Multiple dwellings on a separate DA

The other half of the old Tulip Town block is set to become a multiple dwelling development, we will cover this in another article in the very near future.

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