Butterfly Ridge Gets More Houses

BGM Projects Pty Ltd, prolific developers in the Moreton Bay region are turning 176 Old Gympie Road into another 38 houses connected to the Butterfly Ridge estate in Kallangur.

176 Old Gympie Road – New Estate

The initial development application was submitted in the middle of November of 2016, applying for the allotment to be broken up into 36 lots, however it seems they had a change shortly after and decided not to keep the large brick house already on the large block of land, and just before Christmas in 2016 submitted a new application for the land to be broken up into 38 lots. The DA was finally approved 9 months later. However since then it’s been sitting idle, we presume they have been waiting for the lease on the house to end and the tenants to move out.  Most recently we have seen development applications for electrical works including street lighting, so it would be safe to assume the estate will begin construction shortly.

While the lot is currently serviced by Old Gympie Road, once the estate is completed, access will only be via Jewel Street in the Butterfly Ridge estate. However being only 38 dwellings it should not dramatically increase traffic moving in and out of the Butterfly Ridge estate.

The majority of the house blocks face the street and vary in land size between 360m2 and 510m2. Behind all the street facing blocks are larger 570m2 – 800m2 battle axe blocks. Pretty sure the days of being able to buy 600m2+ block sizes is pretty much over. Apparently everyone prefers the indoors and have to make do with the tiny community parks sometimes provided with developments like this.

BGM Projects Pty Ltd are the developers currently trying to cut down 11 of the Heritage listed Mango Trees along Anzac Avenue in Mango Hill, click here to read more about our fight to save the trees from destruction.

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