Community Organisation hit by thieves!

Just as we were getting ready to publish our detailed article on the wonderful service provided by the Hand in Hand Community Project, the Organiser has informed us of a thoughtless theft that will threaten the survival of the not-for-profit organisation and the service it provides to the struggling pensioners and families in our community.

Founder & organiser Nelli Waldron and her team went to prepare the much needed hampers for tomorrow’s collection when they discovered all their pre-purchased meat and dairy stolen from their fridges, and half of their dry pantry also raided. Nelli said she was “disgusted that someone could steal from a community organisation”.

With the values of the groceries stolen amounting to over $200, it has left organisers short in some of the extras normally added to the hampers. “Our hampers are not what they usually are this week and I hope our customers will be understanding” said Nelli, who also put her hand in her own pocket to pay for 50 cartons of long life milk for the hampers this week.

Though just scrapping through this week, Hand in Hand will need a hand themselves to get back on track to be able to continue to provide this service.

How can you help?

Hand in Hand are accepting whatever people can provide to help them get through next week, whether it be in the form of pre-packaged food donations or money.  Normally Hand in Hand can not sell donated food (thus the $10 goes towards the purchased hamper extras), but here at My K-Town we reckon that food donations for next week would be considered a ‘replacement’ for the stolen goods and considered ok for the $10 hampers for next week.

If you can support Hand in Hand with money for future weeks, then that’s the way to go, or if you are short on cash, perhaps you can donate time as a volunteer. Call Nelli Waldron on 0406 844 964 where ever you can help.

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