Community Rallied For Pop

In late July, local Dakabin resident, Lee Courteney, better known as “Pop” or “Tex” had his much treasured and hand painted, gold trike, stolen.

Lee Courtney on his new trike, funded by the people of Kallangur.
Lee Courtney on his new trike, funded by the people of Kallangur.

Longtime resident of 50 years, with 30 of those years living at Lifestyle Villages Dakabin, Pop with his Golden Trike, matching golden helmet & cowboy boots is seen regularly around Kallangur. Especially at the Lillybrook shops where Pop loves to feed the ducks.

It was with this celebrity status, unbeknownst to Pop, which had the community rallying to get him a replacement Trike and back on the road as soon as possible.

It started when Pop’s daughter, Debbie Whisson posted her disgust of the theft on local Facebook groups, on 24th July, with a call out asking if anyone had seen it.

Debbie’s posts were inundated with support from locals, also familiar with Pop, including another local Donna Lucas, who set-up a gofundme page to rally the community to chip in for a replacement trike to get Pop back on the road again.

No ordinary piece of kit, Pop’s trike was battery powered and his only form of transport, and being a pensioner with very little funding, it would have been impossible for Pop to replace his trike himself.

Donna, who had never met Debbie or Pop before, was truly amazed and overwhelmed at the support with the gofundme project, with the initial $1170, needed to start the purchase and refurbishment of a 2nd hand trike, raised in under 3 days.

The next task was undetaken by the generous Bruce from Blind Freddy Electric Bikes in Brendale, who provided free labour to add the “bullet proof” tyres, replace the seat, peddles & specialised handlebars and added a bigger basket for Pop.

But the generosity from Kallangur & Surrounds continued with a extra money being donated, taking the total upto $2,100, to help finish the trike, purchase a new helmet, and help secure the new trike from further theft, with u-beaut chain & locks and security lights to be installed on the outside of Pop’s Caravan.

Pop got his new beloved replacement trike on Wednesday 8th of August, and he has since added his signature extra gold covering, including to his new helmet.

When we interviewed Pop today, it was quite apparent that before his trike was stolen, he was unaware of his fame.  With this in mind we hope he is not deterred from riding to the local shops and further abroad.

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