Construction Begins on Kerr Road Estate, Kallangur

The developer of 4 large blocks of land fronting Old Gympie Road and Kerr Road in Kallangur has had a development application before council since August 2017.  In March 2018 final approval was given for this development to be built.

Being built by Denmack Investments Pty Ltd, and known simply as “Kerr Road Estate”, this housing and town housing development will add an additional 194 dwellings to Kallangur once all 3 stages of development are complete. Since mid March this year we have seen the relocation of the old Queenslander homestead from 3 Cinnabar Place, clean fill dumped at the bottom of this block, and the demolition of the house on 224 Old Gympie Road.
As seen in the video above, a couple of weeks ago, we saw the beginning of the tree clearing, starting with the trees and shrubbery from 3 Cinnabar Place.  Clearing has now progressed as well as filling in the old dams on the properties.  As with any new land development, dust in the area is likely to increase as the top layer of grass is removed from the land. This is not going to be a small estate, and will be built in 3 stages. Stage 1 will be begin, which from what we can tell will be preparing fencing etc around the one house to remain on the Kerr Rd side and clearing the blocks of existing vegetation. Stage 2, will see the land prepared for 20 individual dwellings, and 150 multiple dwelling units. The last stage will be the remaining 25 individual dwellings at the top of the estate.
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