Containers For Change – The Queensland Container Refund Scheme

Containers For Change Starts Today! 1st November 2018

With an average of 3 billion beverage containers used in Queensland every year, there should be on average, $300 million dollars up for grabs for people and community groups recycling their collected containers at a Containers For Change refund point!  Hopefully that provides motivation and incentive for people to stop littering in our local area.

Perhaps one of the best things about this container refund scheme, is that it allows for community groups including school P&C’s, to collect the refund amounts, when people use those group’s refund scheme codes at collection points. It’s also possible for community groups to run their own collection points where they retain the funds from the collected containers.

The potential for fund raising is huge and could make a big difference for many of these groups if people in their community get behind them.  There is also opportunity for kids to make some extra pocket money too.

Hopefully it won’t be long before it’s rare to see a plastic beverage bottle or drink can in our public spaces and waterways!

What containers can be deposited for a refund?

Most beverage containers will be eligible for a refund. Importantly though, only containers with the refund mark present on the label will be accepted.

Perhaps some of the more common household containers that won’t be accepted, are the 1L, 2L, and 3L milk bottles, as well as cordial bottles.  You still need to put these in your council recycle bins.

For a full list of what can, and cannot be deposited for a refund please refer to this page on the Containers For Change website.

Let’s talk payment methods.

If you are looking for instant cash, you will need to go to a local over the counter refund depot where they will count your containers on the spot and provide the refund to you in cash.

If immediate cash is not a big concern, then you can sign up at the Containers For Change website and get an ID, then, use that, or a retail voucher when depositing a container for refund.  Or, if you’re feeling generous you can use the Scheme ID for a community group or other organisation when you hand over the containers you have collected. This way the money for these containers will be donated to that community group.

Now we know how to get the money, where do we go?

Well as mentioned above there are local over the counter style refund depots that you can swap your containers at for cash.

There are also Reverse Vending Machines (RVM), you can locate these on the map as well.  These accept the container, and the scheme ID and then process the refund electronically.

You can also use one of the “Drop-offs” where you are required to bag your refundable containers and tag them with a tag you will get from a local refund point, and then drop the bag off at the container refund point.

There will also be mobile and pop-up refund points, which will more likely occur in regional areas with smaller populations etc.

Where can you currently deposit your containers to get a refund?

The Containers For Change website has a map showing all the current refund points, which should be regularly updated.

Happy container collecting. We hope you raise lots of money in the process.

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