Councillors Remove their Association with AMACC (Treegate 4)

Treegate continues – with politicians backing away from AMACC.

Denise Sims and Julie Greer Image credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council
Denise Sims and Julie Greer Image credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Looking forward to seeing Cr Denise Sims’ and Cr Julie Greer’s statements on the Anzac Memorial Avenue Committee (AMACC). Both of whom are dissociating themselves from this committee, which is under the spotlight.

Not to say that it is wrong for politicians to have an interest and be members of local clubs & associations in the first place. Because we want and expect them to get involved with our community, as well as be in touch with our local issues & concerns.

Other politicians who also have (or had) involvement with AMACC (which has been operating at least since beginning of 2013) include: Former State MP Trevor Ruthenberg; Former Pine Rivers Shire Mayor Yvonne Chapman and not to forget former MBRC Councillor David Dwyer.

These politicians’ involvement can easily be confirmed by their attendance noted in AMACC minutes, or Registration of Interest declarations.

However one has to question their knowledge and involvement in the recent decision for AMACC to accept $20,000 for the felling of a Anzac Memorial Tree, subject to the Development Application approval of a new Service Station on the cnr of Anzac Ave & Ferrier St.

Of note Cr Sims and Cr Greer both have already changed their Registration of Interest declarations to remove their association to AMACC. Dated 2 days after we broke our original story. (i.e. Monday 10/4, after we broke the story on Saturday 8/4)

Why the sudden departure and disassociation? Is it because they are appalled as we are with David Dwyer’s actions?

So yes, we are looking forward to their statements on the unfolding David Dwyer /AMACC controversy.

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