Discuss Your K-Town Train Station Experiences

Let us know what you think of the new train stations and parking facilities.

Kallangur Train Station Car Park

It’s been 2 full working weeks now that the Redcliffe Peninsula train line has been operating.  We are eager to hear what you think of the Kallangur and Murrumba Downs train stations, the parking facilities, as well as the commute.

Murrumba Downs Train Station Car Park

The My K-Town team took a walk around our two local stations this morning after the daily commuters had filled the car parks. We noticed that at both stations the car parks still had plenty of space available, especially Murrumba Downs.  We are aware that over time as more people move to the area this will change. So the questions we have regarding this are:

  • Are there still a lot of Kallangur/Murrumba Downs people still driving to Petrie to more easily board the new express service?
  • Or is this all there is for our area who are catching the train, and would normally be parking at Petrie station before the new line opened?  If we look at it that way, then that’s a lot of parking stress taken off that station!

So let us know what you think, please comment via our Facebook post for this article by clicking here.

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