Going to Westfield North Lakes after the 7th November? You need to read this!

Parking at Westfield North Lakes is changing, and it’s not all bad news.

In a previous article we spoke about IKEA opening on the 17th of November, and that shorly before that, paid parking at Westfield North Lakes would come into effect. Well, the date has been set, and paid parking will be effective as of the 7th of November 2016.

There will be no stopping to collect a ticket on your way in, through any of the entrances. Westfield have employed Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras, which record you number plate as you go in.

This makes coming and going from the car parks much quicker, if you have been in the car park for less than 3 hours you can just hop back in your car and drive out.  Additionally to make longer stays at the centre just as easy, you can register with Park Westfield so you’re parking fee is automatically charged to a credit card or debit card. However if you do not wish to do this, you can pay for your parking at one of the pay stations located at the shopping centre exits. After paying at the pay station or if you are registered with Park Westfield, when you approach the boom gates, your number plate will be read again and the boom gate will open automatically for you to pass through.

If you happen to forget to pay before leaving the centre, and you aren’t signed up with Park Westfield, then there are credit card facilities at the boom gates, but hopefully it’s not raining when you forget!  But please, try not to use this facility it will slow everyone down. Especially if someone drops their credit card on the ground in the process of paying or a myriad of other reasons why pay at the gate should be a thing of the past!

Now for the good news:

For most shoppers parking is not prohibitively expensive. Below are the prices:

0 – 3 Hours  FREE
3 – 4 Hours  $3.00
4 – 5 Hours  $5.00
5 – 6 Hours  $7.00
6 – 7 Hours $12.00
7 – 8 Hours $20.00
8 Hours + $20.00


What that pricing table doesn’t show you is the good news: If you’re planning on having dinner, and then watching a movie, well provided you park after 6pm, PARKING IS FREE!! If you get there before 6pm though, it’s still not all bad news. Keep your movie ticket as you can present it at the pay stations to receive an extra hour of free parking!

If you have a disabled parking permit you will need to register with Park Westfield, and after you have entered the shopping centre for the first time take your disability parking permit to the concierge and they will link it with your cars rego and then you will have free parking no matter how long you stay.  If you use the same permit for another vehicle you can have that other vehicle linked to your disability permit for the centre as well.

Things to remember:

  • If you know you cannot remember your car’s rego number, write it down on something and keep that handy. You will need this for when you are paying at one of the pay stations, or to check how long you have been in the car park for (you can do this at any of the pay stations or centre directory touch screens).
  • If you have not registered with Park Westfield then please pay before leaving the centre, this makes getting out of the car park much faster for everybody.
  • Parking after 6pm is free!


So, paid parking starts on the 7th of November, and 10 days later on the 17th of November IKEA and the new mall connecting IKEA to Westfields North Lakes opens!!!

For more information please visit: https://www.westfield.com.au/northlakes/parking

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