Great turn out for 2019’s Kallangur Anzac Day March

The Anzac Day March in Kallangur this year proved to be another popular event, despite a little bit of controversy with the schools, as well as the big missing gap of one of our iconic Anzac Memorial Pines. 🙁

The little controversy with the schools evolved around the RSL changing the the plans on where the schools marched, without consultation with the schools. Firstly the Schools were to be run last again in the parade (same as they were last year), which meant students would have had to sit for a significant time in the sun while waiting, without toilets nearby. Additionally this year, the RSL changed the final path of the Student’s marching – taking them off the normal parade route before reaching the RSL – by turning them right off of Anzac Ave at Sylvan Court (which is just past the infamous 7-11 Servo), to head through the easement on to Storey Road, ending in the Kallangur State School grounds. With Parent’s being required to collect them from there.

The less magnificent Anzac Memorial Tree (beside the power pole), planted to replace the original approx 93yr old memorial tree, cut down to build the 7-11 Servo (also pictured).

This path change for the Students meant that they didn’t get to march all the way to the RSL, and also preventing anyone watching from Sylvan Court up to the RSL, in seeing any of the schools.

Despite some of the schools and parents expressing annoyance and not participating in the Parade, the participating Schools did put on a good parade. See the Gallery of all our Photo’s from today, here.

The Kallangur Anzac March Dignitaries Stand.
Fly over by a Wirraway.
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