K-Town – Up Up And Away!

K-Town – Up Up And Away! The MBRC Planning Scheme For Kallangur

If you thought all the additional housing in Dakabin on the old sites of the palm nursery, Alma Park Zoo and neighbouring land was a bit extreme, think again!

Over the next decade or so expect to see a lot of changes to K-Town’s skyline, specifically around the town centre.  Bordered by Anzac Av, Duffield Rd, School Rd and Dohles Rocks Rd, is land mostly consisting of single and 2 storey residential properties, but things are set to change.

In the latest MBRC Planning Scheme the above mentioned parcel of land has been rezoned and can now have buildings as tall as 21 metres!  That’s 7 storeys!  I know right?!  But wait, there’s more!

On the opposite side of Anzac Av, down to Sheehan St, Old Gympie Rd, and sections as far down as Brickworks Rd along Duffield, the newly allowed building height is 12 metres!  That’s 4 storeys!

So expect things to change, land value will no doubt go up, but as people sell, homes will be demolished and apartment/unit complexes will go up..and up..and UP!  Our K-Town will be a very different place.

Why is this happening?  Well, It’s Kallangur, people just can’t wait to move in right?  Obviously there is the new train line, but more importantly as most people know, there is a new university being built down on the old Petrie Paper Mill site, the demand for student housing will likely rise significantly.

Will this make a for a better K-Town?  For some it will, for others perhaps, not so much.

It will bring more traffic to the area on roads which are already congested, thankfully Dohles Rocks Rd has been widened and hopefully will take the bulk of the traffic in peak hour. The other problem with high density housing in an area like this is that the new complexes usually have limited parking, which means on street parking could become a problem not to mention driving along those streets.

However with this increase in the local population, one group of people will not complain, business owners. More people means more opportunity. Not just for business owners to make money but with increased demand for goods and services this may also translate into more job opportunities.

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