Kallangur Businesses Affected by Poor Builder Decision

Last week we told you of the Kallangur Businesses being affected by bad decisions of the Property Manager at the Kallangur Medical Centre Complex on the corner of Anzac Avenue and School Road, now the Builder has gone a step further affecting public access to 2 businesses there, and expecially making it more difficult for those with mobility aids.

To explain, anyone with mobility aids or walking problems were at a disadvantage before the builder’s recent action, due to the work being done to the main entrance from the car park. This main entrance had automatically opening doors which took you to the heart of the Medical Centre.

Now Medical Centre patients have to walk around the verandah of the complex to the entrance on School Road, where the doors unfortunately, do not open automatically, and heavy. This makes it difficult for anyone with a mobility aid to open the doors and keep them open, while they get themselves and their mobility aids through the doorway.

An exasperated Stacey commented on our Facebook page about the access to the Medical Centre:

 I just came here and had to go around the front to the manual doors. Due to only having 1 leg I nearly fell over trying to open the door, which is impossible to get my electric scooter through while trying to hold the door open.

Not happy at all that it is so hard to get in to see the dr. People with disabilities were not thought of at all while these renovations are happening.

The shortcut via the Emilio’s cafe was a little bit of a reprieve for those who visited the complex during Cafe opening hours, till 2pm.  But this shortcut has now been made even more difficult for those with mobility aids, with the entrance path being constricted by the Builder from yesterday, 14th November.

Access to Kallangur X-ray and Emilio’s Cafe now Constricted

When we brought you our first article about this construction, the entrance path to these two businesses (located on the left of the construction site) looked like this (below), with over a metre wide path to get to them.

The original path to Emilio’s and Kallangur X-ray.

Since yesterday, the builder has moved his fence to this (below).

The now constricted pathway.

That’s right, the path is so narrow now (down to 70cm at it’s narrowest), that Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, Walking frames, and those who are unsteady on their feet, can not use it!

New constricted path, looking out to carpark.

One may argue, the public can still walk in between the cars parked in the spots to the left of the path, but this isn’t a legal path, and the required distance between cars, (to fit a mobility device), cannot be guaranteed or consistent throughout the day.

What is the Builder doing?

The builder should know the workplace health and safety laws, and that there is a minimum width of 1.2m required for access to buildings.  Why are they going against the law?

Initially it looked like they were using their newly gained space to store their scissor lift.  The scissor lift they have had in the construction site just about the whole time they have been working (about 4 weeks), and only now having a space issue that they need to extend their construction zone.  But when we look at the space, there is still a whole lot of clear space they can store it in, that doesn’t mean moving a fence to encroach on a pathway.

Did they need the space to do some construction work?  No, it doesn’t look like it. During the day (when they were there yesterday), that space was empty  (below).

View from Emilio’s Cafe doorway of the extended fence parameter, over the public access pathway.
What the builder is working on, which is not where the fence is extended to.

So why extend the fence line?  With this new fence move, they have not only constricted access, but now restricted the view of Emilio’s Cafe. Customers can not see if the doors of the Cafe are open now. Do the builder’s have a bone to pick with Emilios? I truly hope not, because that is not only unprofessional but would be considered harassment.

Access Complaints

If you have trouble accessing any of the businesses in this complex, whether it be due to a dependency on a mobility aid, or some other reason, please call the Property Managers on 02 9966 4088.

They have to know this is affecting customers and businesses alike.

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