Kallangur Is Starting to Rise!

The Kallangur sky line is about to change with the addition of Kallangur’s first 7 storey unit complex.

We have previously spoken about the changes to the MBRC Planning Scheme For Kallangur and how the areas surrounding Anzac Ave and between Anzac Ave and Dohles Rocks Rd have had building height restrictions and land use changed.

Map showing 103 Goodfellows Rd, Kallangur

The first approval for a 21 meter structure has been approved.  The location is 103 Goodfellows Road, Kallangur.  So it’s ideally situated for easy access to the new Kallangur train station, as well as the new university being built on the old Petrie Mill site. No date has been set for commencement of construction and the DA gives them 4yrs to do so.

3D concept drawing of 103 Goodfellows Rd, Kallangur

As you can see from the concept drawing, the building will consist of a street level basement carpark and 6 storeys of units, with a total of 48 dwellings.  This would allow for roughly 144 people living in the complex, based on 3 people per dwelling.

Before thinking this is a bad thing, remember that the area which has had it’s height restrictions changed in the new planning scheme is not very large overall, and basically centres around the Anzac Ave retail strip and the Kallangur and Murrumba Downs train stations.  This means that over time the main business precinct will receive a much needed makeover with the combination of retail and residential.  This will in turn create more opportunities for small to medium business with an increased population to support them.

So in the short term, yes, this new unit complex will stand out, but over time the rest of the immediate area will rise to stand with it.

We are unsure at this stage what infrastructure upgrades will occur in co-ordination with the expansion of Kallangur, but we have to assume that with the increase in population there would also be the possibility of new schools for the area, as in our view, existing schools would struggle to cope.  We will be seeking comment from MBRC regarding this and will update the article when we have more information.


Development Application: http://pdonline.moretonbay.qld.gov.au/Modules/applicationmaster/default.aspx?page=wrapper&key=1232289

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