Kallangur Library Opening Night – Mon 27 Aug, 2018

Kallangur is getting very excited over it’s new community library soon to open in the hall of the Marsden Family Centre, with the official Opening Night scheduled for next Monday 27th August from 6pm.

Facebook: Our Library now has comfortable seating including couches, bean bags and cushions

Opening hours for the library will initially be 9.15am-midday, Tuesday & Wednesdays.

Spokesperson and co-founder Belinda Norrie said “We still have to get some blue cards back before we can open more hours, but at least we can begin to bring a library back to Kallangur”.

Mrs Norrie continued “We can do with more volunteers if anyone is interested.  This will allow us to be open for even more hours”.

When we asked Mrs Norrie if they were after further items for donation, she mentioned they have had a generous supply of books from the community and no more books are needed at the moment, but she did add “everything so far has been provided by the Marsden Families Program, so donations of tea, coffee, sugar, craft items and stationery items would be greatly appreciated”.

Opening Night Details

When:  6pm, 27th August 2018

Where:  Marsden Family Centre Hall – 21 Marsden Rd, Kallangur

RSVP Required: to Valmae Rose 0417 300 146, by Thursday 23rd August, 2018

Facebook Eventhttps://www.facebook.com/events/1852598414797356/

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