Kallangur Water Tower Artwork Update

Last month, on the 3rd of November it was announced that the Kallangur Water Tower was going to receive a makeover, with the painting of a large scale artwork covering the entire surface of our iconic water tower.

Image courtesy of Unitywater

The Kallangur and Petrie communities have spoken and there have been over 250 responses to the public survey. Unitywater Community Relations Specialist Kate Cash said the public survey would help guide three design concepts that will then be put to the community for another public vote.

From these responses 76% voted for an artwork that attracts attention, with the majority (67%) also saying they’d like to see a realistic style of artwork on the tower.

The three most popular themes are:

  1. Wildlife and nature.
  2. Reflections on the areas past, present and future.
  3. And, an Anzac Memorial.

“Over the next few months we will be working with the appointed artists and Moreton Bay Regional Council to commission three concepts for the artwork – one for each of the top three themes to meet the community’s wishes,” Ms Cash said.

“This is a real community-driven project that will celebrate the local area, and we thank residents and businesses for getting involved.

“One of the survey questions asked what people love most about Petrie and Kallangur and many people said the environment and the local, friendly people and that speaks volumes about this community.”

The team here at My K-Town 4503 are really looking forward to seeing the design concepts, of which will be available for a public vote in April 2017 with the winning design to be painted on the water tower from May 2017.

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