Kallangur’s Own Hand in Hand Community Project

Started four years ago this Christmas, the Hand In Hand Community Project is even more needed today as it was back then – providing food hampers for those in need.

Every Wednesday morning Nelli Waldron and her volunteers pack & sort 60 hampers ready for collection on Thursday mornings from the QCWA hall, fittingly located in the heart ❤ of Kallangur.

Donated vegetables

Each hamper starts with a box of Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, with additional bakery products. If you pay the $10 fee for the hamper extra additions of Deli Meat (eg meat balls or roast beef), Fresh Meat (eg hot dogs), and Pantry Staples (eg long life milk, pasta, cereal or biscuits) will be added.


Donated bread

Nelli Waldron
Founder & organiser Nelli Waldron.

The majority of the food is delivered by Oz Harvest & Second Bite who in turn receive their products from larger supermarkets like Coles & Woolworths and Aldi.  Hand in Hand Founder Nelli Waldron ensures her hamper collectors that there is nothing wrong with the products she receives, and they are either over stocked products, or not the normal standard accepted by Coles or Woolies, for example under or oversized fruit.

Nelli does additional shopping for the hamper extras and says “by the time we add the bits & pieces, it is well rounded.” She continues the hampers are “enough to feed a small family with an estimated $80 worth for a $10 hamper.”

Additional items to be paid for
Some of the extras the week we visited.

Hand in Hand are not discriminatory, and help anyone who are struggling to put food on the table, including young families who have jobs but stil struggle to meet all the bills, and Pensioners who don’t have much change after paying rent.

Bread and groceries

You do not need a pension card or health care card to come and get a hamper, just rock  up on Thursday morning.  Just be prepared not to get a car park close to the hall, and if you have a trolley it would be worthwhile bringing it so you can get the heavy hamper contents back to your car.


  • $0 for basic Hamper (Fruit & Veg & Bakery products only); or
  • $10 for basic Hamper with Extras (deli meat, fresh meat & pantry staples).

When: Every Thursday 10am-12pm

Where: QCWA Hall – 1431 Anzac Ave, Kallangur, (next to LJ Hookers).

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thehandinhandcommunityproject/

Want to Help?

Manko the Macaw
Manko is a regular volunteer seen on collection day.

Nelli is always after volunteers to help sort and pack the hampers on Wednesday morning, or to help during the collection time on Thursday mornings.

Additionally you can help by donating money to help with the needed overhead costs accrued by the not-for-profit The Hand In Hand Community Project Moreton Shire Inc. organisation,  (incl Public Liability insurance, hall rental).

Please call Nelli on 0406 844 964, if you can help with either of these areas.

Hand in Hand banner

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