Lerose Avenue Footpath Extension

A couple of years ago a council surveyor was noticed scoping out the lower end of Lerose Ave and when questioned he said that some residents had requested the footpath be extended all the way down the street.

Lerose Avenue Footpath Extension

The footpath on Lerose Avenue presently turns the corner into Kathleen St and for anyone wanting to walk the rest of the way they either walk on the road or the uneven terrain of the footpath.  The problem with this is that Lerose Avenue is a feeder road from Anzac Avenue to a lot of the houses between Marsden Road and Old Gympie Road, and being straight and with no traffic calming, people have been seen speeding along it, making it very unsafe for pedestrians, kids, parents with prams and cyclists.

Another short section of footpath will also be added to complete the footpath between Sylvester Drive and Meryll Court.

Councillor Denise Sims says she is pleased the project is about to commence as it is a direct result of requests from residents.

The project will provide improved pedestrian and cycle connectivity to the nearby public transport facilities by continuing the footpath along Lerose Avenue, towards Sylvester Drive and by completing the missing link along Meryll Court.

Cr Denise Sims

The construction of the footpath extension is expected to start in September 2018 should be completed within a four weeks, weather permitting.

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