Local Kallangur Businesses Affected by Poor Property Manager’s Decisions

It’s often hard enough as it is running a small business.  But when the Property Manager of your retail space decides it’s ok for building repairs to significantly affect your patronage, your ability to make living comes under significant threat.

Ok, so, lets be fair.  The building was in dire need of repairs, we cannot begrudge the Landlord of this.  BUT, the way in which the Landlord and Real Estate Agent have gone about the execution of these repairs, has put a number of businesses in the complex under considerable stress.  Reducing patronage, and even causing problems with staff not being able to go to work.

What exactly are we talking about?  Noise.  When you go to a coffee shop, you expect to be able to sit down, have a coffee, some food, and perhaps some conversation.  What you don’t expect is extremely loud banging, hammering, and even the threat of falling debris to interrupt your meal.

Rear entrance of Kallangur Medical Centre under repairs

At the back of the Kallangur Medical Centre on the corner of Anzac Avenue and School Road, work began a few weeks ago to repair water and termite damage which has affected the rear pedestrian entrance to the Medical Centre.  The noise the contractors are creating is causing distress to patrons at a number of nearby tenancies.  Emilio’s Cafe has experienced reduced patronage since the works began, the Dental Clinic opposite have increased the volume of their waiting room music to cover up the noise from the workers.

The contractors have decided that the best time for them to work is from 8am till around midday.  However we are aware that the lease agreements for the tenancies state that there is to be no noise like which is generated by these contractors, while the surrounding businesses are open. This is also part of the retail tenancies act.  Emilio’s closes at 2pm.  But has graciously made the suggestion that the contractors can work from midday till 6pm, times which would have the least impact on his business.  This still means they are doing the repair work during 2hrs of Emilio’s open hours, but as Gary has said, “it’s quieter for us in the last 2 hours before closing”.

Unfortunately the Property Manager has not taken this compromise on board, with the work continuing for the majority of time this Cafe is open, each day.

Directions for patrons entering the Kallangur Medical Centre while exterior repairs are completed.

Please still support the businesses here, expecially Emilio’s who have allowed their cafe, in its opening hours, to double up as a temporary and the only back entrance (from the car park) to the Medical Centre. A offer that means both of their doors can not be kept shut to slightly reduce the noise.

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