Longman By-Election 2018 – Who Are The Candidates?

There is a whopper of 11 candidates for this Longman bi-election. We have compiled information to help you determine your preferred candidate (displayed in ballot paper order):

Lloyd Russell - Liberal Democrats
Lloyd Russell – Liberal Democrats

Lloyd Russell – Liberal Democrats

Lloyd is a self-employed Business Consultant who has lived in the local community for nearly 25 years. He is passionate about both the business and local communities.

On the Liberal Democrats  website, they describe their parties philosophy as “classical liberal or libertarian, although those are not necessarily precise labels”, with it further getting more wish washy as they try and explain further.  Have a read yourself here: https://www.ldp.org.au/our_philosophy.

The most well known Liberal Democrat in federal parliament at the moment is David Leyonhjelm, who is currently being sued for defamation by fellow Senator from the Greens, Sarah Hanson-Young.

Dr Jim Saleam - Australia First
Dr Jim Saleam – Australia First

Jim Saleam – Australia First

President of the Australia First party, Dr Salaem though originally from Queensland,  currently does not reside in the state.  His party nominated him as it’s candidate for the Longman By-Election to help raise the party’s profile in the local area.

“ I have accepted the party’s nomination to assist in building the party in the State. While on this occasion, I do not necessarily expect a strong vote tally, I agree it is vital to raise the party’s profile. I look forward to an energetic campaign.”

While one of Dr Saleam’s aims as a candidate is to “End all immigration and refugee intakes”, it is not surprising to see on the Australia First website that they are very anti-multiculturalism and pro-White Australia Policy.

Various news organisations have also reported Dr Saleam as a convicted criminal and former neo-Nazi.

Update: 21/7/18 Here is an article about a prominent member of his party – who is an online troll with a collection of Hitler dolls. Saleam is pictured with him.

Gregory Bell - Democratic Labour Party
Gregory Bell – Democratic Labour Party

Gregory Bell – Democratic Labour Party

Gregory is a interstate B-double truck driver who resides in Brisbane.  He is best described as a ‘true hard-working Queenslander’.

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP)  note on their website here: http://www.dlp.org.au/about/, the “basic element of our philosophy is that the interests of Australians may be best served by preserving, protecting and building on the family” and believe “in the rights and responsibilities of individuals, families and local communities.”  But these guys are anti-Same Sex Marriage.

Jackie Perkins - Independent
Jackie Perkins – Independent

Jackie Perkins – Independent

Dr Jackie Perkins was born and raised locally in Bald Hills and is now a self-employed mobile veterinarian operating out of Sandstone Point.

From local radio station 101.5fm’s interviews of all the candidates, Dr Perkins mentions wanting to address mental health and drug issues, and mentions she has “experienced domestic violence myself firsthand with all of the social shunning that follows. I was also relieved of my property and assets as a result, and no-one responded to my calls for assistance, including my politicians at all levels. That was when I decided to apply myself to improving the system for others stuck in the domestic violence vortex.”

It was hard to find Dr Perkin’s campaign page via google, but here it is if you are looking: http://www.jackieperkins.com.au.  She believes in a basic living wage for all, national service, and may have a misconception on disability support pension from what I can tell with this statement “People living with a disability can perform on-line ordering, stock control etc”.

James Noonan - Science Party
James Noonan – Science Party

James Noonan – Science Party

James is a criminology and criminal justice graduate. Living in Springwood and working as a labourer.

I didn’t know a “Science Party” existed till writing this article. From their website (https://www.scienceparty.org.au/), they believe “that our quality of life is improved primarily through technological developments, sourced through a scientific approach to knowledge in the context of democracy and peace”.

They seem very forward thinking, embracing science & technology, and believe both have a place in improving peoples lives.  But what do they think on other issues?  It also mentions on their website they believe in public health care,  a “compassionate safety net” and a secular government.

This party is all for reducing climate change and pro renewables, but also believe nuclear power has a place in this.

Matthew Stephen - Pauline Hansons One Nation
Matthew Stephen – Pauline Hansons One Nation

Matthew Stephen – Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

Matthew is a local business owner residing in the Caboolture area.

Not new to elections, Matthew Stephen ran in the QLD state election in the electorate of Sandgate.  According to the The Australian, Mr Stephen has had his building license suspended 7 times and narrowly avoided bankruptcy. Plus was caught saying some unsavoury things on the internet.

Update 24/7/18Mr Stephen is reported to still owe people money.

Remember kids, what gets posted on the net, stays there forever.

I think just about everyone is familiar with One Nation’s policies, including anti-immigration, but one thing I just found out from their United Nations and Trade Agreements Policy it appears they think the UN is behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Which is not the case.  Where do they get that idea from?


John Reece - Australian People's Party
John Reece – Australian People’s Party

John Reece – Australian People’s Party

Also not the first time Mr Reece has run for politics. He ran for the Longman seat as an independent, back in 2010.  Mr Reese is a retiree who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s,  and who aims to bring back 50’s and 60’s for future generations, because it was “when Australia was the best country in the world to live in”. He also mentions he “is hoping to give Australia a new start and bring Australia back to Australians!”

The Australian People’s Party have more detail in their policies, (http://australianpeoplesparty.com/policies), including increasing pension payment & the environment; would like to see governments reclaim assets such as power stations; want to see all road tolls abolished; and tightening on politician’s perks, including abolishing travel allowance and drastically changing their pension system.

They also believe in free university education for Australian citizens.  But only if you are born in Australia.

Susan Lamb - Labor
Susan Lamb – Labor

Susan Lamb – Labor

Susan Lamb, was elected MP in the seat of Longman at the last election, but due to her father’s English heritage she was considered to hold a dual-citizenship making her ineligible to hold the seat in federal parliament. Thus the reason for this by-election.  She has since renounced her dual-citizenship.

Susan has lived in the Longman electorate for more than 26 years, currently residing in Dakabin. Before entering parliament Susan worked in a national role advocating for professional recognition for early childhood educators with United Voice Union.

Labor’s policies are also well known. Pro-medicare, protect penalty rates, anti-rise of pension age to 70, pro workers rights, pro-renewables but not necessarily anti-coal or anti-csg.

Trevor Ruthenberg - Liberal National Party of Queensland
Trevor Ruthenberg – Liberal National Party of Queensland

Trevor Ruthenberg – Liberal National Party of Queensland

Mr Ruthenberg , not new to politics, was the State MP for Kallangur for the LNP Government from 2012-2015.  He is currently the CEO of Mosaic Foundation, a new not-for profit that raises money for, and supports, other charities.

Mr Ruthenberg, known locally as “Big Trev”, was recently in the news for claiming his science was different from an Australian Youth Climate Coalition campaigner’s science, when the latter was interviewing him at the time about Coal and Climate Change.

Update 17/7/18 – Big Trev is now also in the news for falsely claiming he had recieved an Australian Service Medal from his time in RAAF.

Update 21/7/18 – Big Trev has been claiming he built the Boundary Rd Overpass. But did he?

Although Big Trev is running for the LNP party Qld, the federal party he would work under is the Liberal party. So looking at the party plan as listed on the federal parties website, the party claim 1,000 new jobs per day are being created, they are backing small business, they are building road & infrastructure, increasing funding to schools & hospitals, delivering more affordable child care and a plan to deliver more affordable energy.

With the Liberal-National Coalition being the incumbent party we have the ability to access them against their plan.


Blair Verrier - Australian Country Party
Blair Verrier – Australian Country Party

Blair Verrier – Australian Country Party

Blair Verrier is a local 32yr old woman who has lived and worked in the electorate since she was 8 years of age.  She runs her own accounting and finance business as a Certified Practising Account.

The Australian Country Party is all for limiting the sell off of Australian assets & land, reducing the cost of living, promoting Australian grown & made products & jobs, protecting against unjust planning, zoning and green laws, and reviving regional and rural  communities.

They are also pro-gun, pro-coal, against the safe schools program and believe “every person born in Australian is an equal indigenous citizen“.

Gavin Behrens - The Greens
Gavin Behrens – The Greens

Gavin Behrens – The Greens

Mr Behrens was born in Redcliffe and raised in Caboolture. He works in the IT industry, working locally with small businesses and government agencies.

The Greens party is also federally well known to be pro-environment, pro-multiculturalism, anti-live export, anti-coal, anti-csg and also want to protect workers penalty rates.

We have listed where the Polling Booths will be on the day, as well as where you can vote early here: https://myk.town/longman-by-election-2018/

Contact details for all candidates can be found here: https://www.aec.gov.au/longman/candidate-details.htm.

With the AEC Official Guide to the Longman by-election available here: https://www.aec.gov.au/by-elections-2018/files/longman-official-guide-2018-bye.pdf

Map of Longman electorate from the AEC guide.
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