Lunar Eclipse on Morning of Sat 28 July, 2018

We are due for another Lunar Eclipse on Saturday Morning. This one is due to be the longest in a Century and will be visible to us in Eastern Australia.

This ‘blood moon’, named after the red hue the moon gains from the shadow of the earth, begins at 3.14 am, and finishes for us, when the moon goes over the horizon.

The eclipse goes through a couple of stages with the colour beginning to change in the partial eclipse stage, which begins at 4.24am, and becoming fully eclipsed at 5.30am.

So if you are super eager to get up early Saturday morning to catch the eclipse, make sure you find the best uninterrupted view of the West-Southwest horizon. forecasts a clear sky, 10-11kph winds and temperature that could get down to a low 11°c.

We have found a pretty cool website which lists the stages and timings of the eclipse for Brisbane here:

A table of the stages and times of this lunar eclipse from
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