More Information on Our Tree (Treegate 10)

As we were researching more information about the Anzac Memorial Mango Trees in Mango Hill (for that new fight), we came across new information about our own endangered Memorial Tree in Kallangur.

Anzac Memorial Avenue Conservation Management Plan.

We came across an in depth Anzac Memorial Avenue Conservation Management Plan  (CMP) produced by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, in the Qld Heritage Register for our  Anzac Memorial Avenue (

We are not sure why we hadn’t come across it earlier when we began our research back in April 2017, but we have it now, and it will become an invaluable document to assist in protecting our remaining Anzac Memorial Trees.

This 238 page document has not only the detailed history of the road & the trees, (as documented on the Heritage Register entry), but includes an individual listing & photo of every memorial tree along the Avenue, with a experienced Arborist’s assessment of each.


“But what does it say about our Tree?” I hear you ask.

Well the section that our Tree resides in, (from Old Gympie Rd to Duffield Rd), is MBRC Section 3, and TMR Section 2. Here is the section blown up to show our tree. We have marked out the white circle showing our Tree, with the pink triangle showing the Anzac Memorial Commeriative sign that sits in front of it.

A snippet of the aerial view from the CMP, showing our tree, with added descriptions.

In the legend, the white circles represent the Pinus Roxburghii species. Which is more commonly known as Chir Pines.

So our tree is not actually a Slash Pine, but a Chir Pine!

The Environmental Resources Management report included in this Conservation Management Plan, mentions only two trees can be confidently identified as original features of the avenue, with the remaining trees listed, including ours, “identified as possibly part of the original plantings along Anzac Memorial Avenue due to their size”.

The Avenue’s Chir Pines, Slash Pines & Mango Trees, all thought to be original, have a Significance Rating of “high”, meaning:

The photo of our Tree as noted in the Arborist section of the CMP.

“High degree of original fabric. Demonstrates a key element of the item’s original significance. Alterations do not detract from significance”, and “Fulfils criteria for local or state listing”.

The Arborist’s Report finishing the Conservation  Management Plan, notes our tree, no. 209, as being a 20m tall mature tree, in fair health, with fair tree structure. He also notes the tree has 50 years more of useful like expectancy, and the species is “perfectly suitable” for the location.

So in summary, unlike what former members of AMACC maybe trying to tell you, the tree is considered part of the original trees and of high significance, and has been confirmed again that there is nothing wrong with the tree to warrant chopping it down.


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