Moreton Bay Wins From New Initiative

Local business Dragon Speed Creations has created a website dedicated to the promotion of brand name product distributors/consultants within Australia.

Distributor Directory graphic

Distributor Directory provides a great way for anyone in Australia to find their local product distributor for brand names such as Scentsy, Enjo, Tupperware, dōTERRA and many many more.

The best thing about Distributor Directory is the fact that it’s entirely free to use.  It’s free for the public to search. It’s also free for distributors to create the listings.

What a great local initiative!

With an easy to use interface people can search for their local distributor simply by entering their suburb, they can drill down by adding the brand name they are looking for, or using a word search.  It’s really that easy.

For the distributors, it’s as simple as signing in with their Facebook or Twitter account and setting up their ad listing. They can even create multiple ads if they distribute products for more than one brand.

Check it out for yourself now at https://Distributor.Directory, and if you have a friend who is a Consultant or Distributor be sure to let them know about this service.

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