My K-Town’s Campaign to Save our Anzac Memorial Trees

With one Anzac Memorial Chir Pine Tree in Kallangur soon to be cut down (near corner of Ferrier St  & Anzac Ave), and now 11 Anzac Memorial Mango Trees threatened in Mango Hill, My K-Town 4503 are starting a Campaign.

First part of the Campaign is a petition, to try and save the 11 Mango Trees.

We have created a petition to save the 11 Anzac Memorial Trees here:

If they get to cut down these Anzac Memorial trees, then it will be open slather for the rest of Anzac Ave.

We already have a petition still existing to try and save the Kallangur Chir Pine (then thought to be a Slash Pine), here:  Though we know this one is falling on deaf ears, we do have better hope for the Mango Trees. Because unlike the Kallangur tree, the Mango Hill development application doesn’t have a letter of support from Anzac Memorial Avenue Commemorative Committee (AMACC).

So definitely make sure you sign the 11 Mango Hill tree petition, to show the State Government’s heritage protection body that the Community does not support the destruction of these trees.

Part of the 700m Mango tree avenue, showing some of the 11 endangered trees on the left (Photo from Google Street View)

The second part of our Campaign involves making changes to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

We believe the way to do this is to create a group of interested community members, to work with the Council & State Governments to ensure that the existing heritage protection of our Anzac Memorial Trees (from Petrie to Redcliffe) is upheld.  With their first agenda to address the current holes in the system, and confirm if there are any other Memorial Trees that are in danger from existing development applications.

If you are interested in joining this group, please leave your name with us here. We will organise the first meeting for sometime in August.

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