BREAKING: Our Kallangur Anzac Memorial Tree is being destroyed now

With a sad heart, My K-Town 4503 are reporting the removal of our treasured Anzac Memorial Tree near the corner of Ferrier St on Anzac Avenue, Kallangur.

For over a year now, My K-Town & Kallangur Corridor have been fighting on keeping this tree from being destroyed by Procon Developers, to give way to a driveway for a new 7-11 Service Station being built beside Hungry Jacks.

Previous articles of our investigation and fight can be found here:

Our on-the-scene reporter captured this live footage:

And the following photos of its destruction, which commenced approximately 10pm Sunday Night (22nd July).


A very sad day for remembering our Fallen Anzac Heros.

We need to Stop This from Happening Again! You can help by:

  1. Signing our Petition to save another 11 Anzac Memorial trees here:
  2. Joining our Action group to fix holes in the existing system, here:


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