Petrie Development Finally Begins

If you are looking for accommodation close to the railway line, then Petrie could be a good place to look.

Artists Impression of Petrie Central

Petrie Central: A development which has been on the books for quite a few years now, at 6-10 Whites Road, has until recently been just a vacant block. But not anymore.  It’s about to become a 3 storey complex, with retail and resident car parking on the ground floor, and 28 units on the next 2 floors.

It’s the first of what is presumed to be many buildings of this type very close to Petrie Station and the Petrie USC Campus, of which, the first stage is set for completion in 2020.

After the Newcombe’s relocated their neighbouring Village Motors car yard to North Lakes, it’s rumoured they could be building a residential complex of up to 7 stories on the site of the old car sales yard.

These kinds of developments, along with the Petrie USC Campus will certainly change the face of “Petrie Village”. It will no longer be quite the sleepy hollow it has been for many years.

While business might be slow at the Petrie roundabout with the number of vacant shop fronts around there at the moment, it’s easy to imagine how quickly it will pickup once the first stage of the University is built, as well as all these extra high density unit complexes.

It will be interesting to watch how this all develops.

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