Prominent Kallangur Icon is Going To Get a Makeover!

Have your say via a public survey on what artwork gets painted on something big in Kallangur!

So far to date Unitywater has transformed four of it’s reservoirs with large-scale public artworks as part of their Graffiti Prevention Program.  The first four are located in Ferny Hills, Peregian Beach, Caloundra,  and Point Cartwright.  They look fantastic, if you haven’t seen them, remember to stop and take a look next time you go past!  But if you can’t, below is a quick montage of the Sunshine coast reserviors with their new artwork:

Peregian Beach — Ferny Hills — Point Cartwright


The Kallangur Water Tower is the next piece of Unitywater infrastructure to receive an artistic makeover.

The Graffiti Prevention Program aims to reduce the negative social impacts and removal costs of graffiti ‘tagging’ on these large concrete structures by enhancing them with community-driven artwork.

Residents and businesses in Kallangur and Petrie are eligible to share their ideas through a community survey which is open from today, through until Sunday the 27th of November.

“We are thrilled to be undertaking yet another artwork project on one of our more visible structures,” Unitywater Community Relations Specialist Kate Cash said.

“These projects really bring the local community together to create artworks that not only help to enhance the appearance of our assets, but also celebrate the unique identity of each community.

“Many residents have already told us this water tower is an iconic landmark for this area, so it will be exciting to hear the community’s ideas for the artwork.

“The artwork could a big, bold, eye-catching design that really puts the tower on the map or a more subtle artwork that blends the water tower into the surrounding environment. It’s really up to the community to decide how it looks and what story it tells.”

Ms Cash said public feedback was vital for the project.

“The survey results will help to guide the artwork design brief” she said.

“We will engage professional public artists to create three designs based on the community’s suggestions. Ultimately, the community will choose the final design through a vote in early 2017.”

Wanting to know how you can have your say on the mural artwork for the Kallangur Water Tower?  It’s pretty easy.

You can fill out the online survey by clicking on the following link:

Or you can fill out a form in person at:

  • Kallangur Fair
  • Woolworths, Petrie Village
  • or at, Lillybrook Shopping Village

Surveys will be available at voting boxes at these three shopping centres during normal opening hours from Thursday (3rd Nov) afternoon. These will be an unstaffed displays where residents can submit a print survey into a locked barrel/box.

If you’d like more information, then you can speak with Unitywater’s project team at Lillybrook Shopping Village on Saturday 12th November from 9am until 2pm.

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