Queensland Electoral Districts Finalised

How does this affect Kallangur, Dakabin, Murrumba Downs, Griffin, Petrie and Kurwongbah?

The Electoral Commission Queensland’s Queensland Redistribution Commission have just released their Final Determination Report on their recent re-shuffling of Queenslands State Electoral Districts, to fit in more seats, and redistribute numbers of our growing population.

Previously we had reported on their Initial Proposal which showed the suburbs of Kallangur and Dakabinbeing split between the two proposed new districts boundaries of Murrumba and the new Bancroft, with Petrie and Kurwongbah suburbs being redistributed to the district of Kurwongbah (formerly known as Kallangur district, but now moved a bit west and up and down)

We are pleased to announce, in the final version the suburbs of Kallangur and Dakabin are no longer being split, and we will be staying, as a whole, together with Murrumba Downs and Griffin in the re-boundaryfied Murrumba District.

So here are the new district maps of Murrumba (encompassing Kallangur, Dakabin, Murrumba Downs, Griffin, Mango Hill & Rothwell)  and Kurwongbah (encompassing Petrie, Kurwongbah, Narangba, Burpengary, Whiteside, Joyner, and parts of Bray Park & Lawnton). Click on either map to see the full PDF version.

New State District of Kurwongbah
New State District of Kurwongbah
New State District of Murrumba

Queensland Redistribution Commission Resources:

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