Ruth Whitfield Park in Kallangur

When we looked up the MBRC website for the list of parks in Kallangur, did you know how many came up?

Zero! That’s right, no Kallangur parks are listed in the MBRC Parks and Gardens database.

So here at My K-Town 4503, we are going to check out and list our local parks, so we all can take advantage of these amenities in our own back yard.

The first one we have checked out is the Ruth Whitfield Memorial Park, a hidden oasis on the southern border of Kallangur.

Visible from Anzac Ave, you will probably recognise this park by the more recent addition of a Submarine War Memorial, closer to the roadside.

But don’t be fooled, as this park is a lot bigger than what you can see from Anzac Ave.


Surprisingly equipped with a covered BBQ and picnic table, there is even a small playground and a large grassed area.


This park is full of character, including a open stone culvert leading to Yebri Creek, which cuts through the park.


At the back of the park, on the other side of the creek is an additional BMX park, for 3 different skill levels.

Being close to the main road, the Ruth Whitfield Memorial Park is suprisingly serine. We suggest going to check it out for yourself.

Amenities: Small unfenced Playground, BBQ, sheltered Picnic Table, BMX Park and Parking.

Where: Yebri St-Anzac Ave intersection, Kallangur.

Google Map showing Ruth Whitfield Memorial Park.
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