Southeast Queensland Severe Fire Danger for 28/11/2018 – 30/11/2018

The Bureau of Meteorology and State Government Fire Departments have issued an extreme & unprecedented fire risk for the next 48 hrs for most of the state, including Southeast Queensland!

The reason why? We have an upcoming 2 days of heatwave, caused by a large and intense trough coming from the west, towards the coast (in a long strip up the coast) tomorrow.  Which will cause thunderstorms with very little rain. These kinds of conditions easily start bush fires.

Along with the winds associated with this, not only are we very likely to get additional bush fires throughout the state, but the wind will cause them to easily spread as well as easily change direction.

What do we have to do? Well if you are in a bush fire risk area, keep an eye on Fire Dept warnings and be prepared to evacuate immediately when told to do so. Everyone should be mindful also of what they do personally that could start a fire. Including disposing if cigarette butts, using incinerators or open fires. We should also keep an eye around us for spot fires, being ready to alert fire authorities. Plus during this time keep an eye on our neighbours & pets for both the fire risk and heat wave conditions.

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