Sporting and Recreation in The Griffin Area

Do you love sport?  Live in or near to Griffin but can’t find any sporting facility?  It’s not here yet, but is a step closer to completion!  In last years budget $50,000 was allocated to the initial design works for a 92.2ha site which will also include an environmental reserve.

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Division 4 Councillor Julie Greer said she was pleased to announce that as part of the council budget handed down last month, $500,000 had been secured for the delivery of the region’s next major sport and recreation precinct, the 92ha Griffin Sports Complex.

This new sporting complex is planned for the land on the eastern side of Henry Rd, between Elizabeth Rd and Dohles Rocks Rd.

This is vital funding to begin all-important detailed design and preliminary works on the first stage which will deliver three-multipurpose fields, clubhouse and recreational infrastructure for Griffin’s booming sports community by 2021, Cr Greer said.

Cr Greer said future stages would also include planting more than 100,000 new trees and more than 50ha of dedicated environmental reserve.

The dedicated green space and 100,000-plus trees will link with existing environmental reserves and wetlands along Hays Inlet, which council and local community groups have extensively revegetated in recent years.

This is a major win for local families and will add to the 929ha of dedicated council parkland in the local area.

The overall master plan is broken up into 3 precincts, the Western precinct, the Eastern precinct and the Southern precinct. Outlined below is a list of facilities proposed for each precinct.  These are preliminary designs, and possible planning outcomes.

Griffin Sports Complex: Western Precinct

  • Western Precinct - Image credit:
    Western Precinct – Image credit:

    5 multipurpose fields at 130m X 80m

  • Senior and junior cricket ovals
  • Opportunity for a central synthetic surface to be considered once sports uses are confirmed
  • Shared sports clubhouse
  • Trail head for pedestrian and cycle pathway connection to broader site
  • Local park including picnic shelter, BBQ, tables and playground
  • Cycleway/pathway to connect to the broader site as well as external residential areas and Henry Road (when upgraded)
  • Car parking and internal road network
  • Future investigation area with potential for 4 additional multipurpose fields, shared clubhouse and 2 senior cricket ovals (subject to significant environmental investigation and approval)

Griffin Sports Complex: Eastern Precinct

  • Eastern Precinct - Image credit:
    Eastern Precinct – Image credit:

    4 multipurpose fields at 130m X 80m

  • 1 premier multipurpose field at 130m X 90m
  • 2 senior cricket ovals
  • Cricket practice nets (4 bays)
  • 4 synthetic netball hard courts plus storage area
  • District level passive recreation area including picnic facilities, playground and bicycle parking with adjacent public amenities
  • Shared sports clubhouse
  • Car parking and internal road network
  • Exercise circuit and equipment
  • Trail head for pedestrian and cycle pathway connection to the broader site as well as neighbouring residential areas
  • Maintenance shed and compound

Griffin Environmental Reserve: Southern Precinct (including balance environmental area)

  • Southern Precinct - Image credit:
    Southern Precinct – Image credit:

    Passive recreation facilities to support environmentally sensitive areas including picnic tables, shelters, BBQ, open grass areas and seating

  • Nature based recreation facilities i.e. bird watching, environmental interpretation with signage for educational walking tours linking to the other precincts and recreational trail links to Osprey House and Dohles Rocks Foreshore
  • Car parking
  • Trail head and pedestrian and cycling pathways including limited use of board walks through environmentally sensitive areas
  • Ecological restoration of degraded areas
  • Wildlife safety infrastructure
  • Offset planting opportunities
Click map to view in Google Maps - Image credit: Google Maps
Click map to view in Google Maps – Image credit: Google Maps

Access to this new sporting and recreational precinct will be via a roundabout on Henry Road.  And to make Henry Road safer, it’s intersection with Dohles Rocks Road is soon to be upgraded via $670,000 allocated in the 2018/2019 budget. However, as Henry Road is currently the preferred alignment for the North South Urban Arterial (NSUA) corridor, council will reserve a portion of the Southern precinct for possible access to the complex directly from Dohles Rocks Road.

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