The Milk Wars

Did you know that the brand of milk you buy, really does matter.

And did you know that here in Kallangur and the surrounding areas, there is really only one Queensland based private label available, Maleny Dairies milk products, which are produced by a small co-op of dairies based in the Sunshine Coast hinterland region. Please let us know, via the “Contact Us” form, if we have missed any in this article.

Update: A reader has written in to mention 4Real Milk as another private label milk, it comes from dairies located in the Scenic Rim in Southern Queensland, we can only see it available at 3 locations locally to us, check out the store locator on their website to find a store near you.

The other major brand worth a mention is Norco.  They are a Lismore based company, supplying milk for Coles’ home brand milk in the Southeast Queensland area as well as their own private label.  While the Coles brand milk is cheaper, it also means the farmer gets less.  So if you don’t wish to pay the premium for private labels such as Maleny Dairies, then buy the Norco branded milk if possible.

There are no private labels sold at Woolworths, but the Woolies owned “Farmers Own” brand is the next best brand to buy. Woolworths sources this milk from dairy farmer collectives, so the extra it costs you in store goes to the farmer.

A lot of the other labels, yes, even the more expensive brands such as Pauls, and the “Farmhouse Gold ” type labels, all come out of the same facilities. It’s the same milk, no matter the fancy name on the bottle, and one thing is for certain, the big milk distributers of Parmalat and Lion pay bottom dollar for the milk. So little in fact, that the farmers who are producing the milk are losing money.

It’s been just over 2 years since the “private label milk wars” really heated up.  But since then, people have fallen back into old habits, buying the cheap milk, the milk that is killing Australian dairy farmer’s livelihood’s.  At the height, Coles in Kallangur was selling roughly 1000 bottles a week of Maleny Dairies milk.  Now they are down to around 200 bottles a week.  Why?  The taste and quality hasn’t changed?  The price hasn’t changed.

We do acknowledge that all the brand labels use Australian milk, produced on Australian farms. But, the main point is to say to the big supermarkets, that we as a nation are willing to pay more for our milk, and that we acknowledge our Aussie farmers should not be punished for supermarket price wars.

If you were willing to buy the more expensive milk back in 2016, why not now?

It really is worth it.  The milk tastes better, and the farmers actually make enough money to look after their families!


The money STAYS in Australia!!!

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