The Status Of 45 Dayboro Rd, Petrie

It’s been a little while since the development application (DA) from Avatar Investments was sent to Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC), for the construction of a 7 storey multiple dwelling building at 45 Dayboro Rd, Petrie (Corner of Dayboro Road and Old Dayboro Road).

It seemed back then, that public opinion of this development was divided, given it’s location in relevance to Petrie State Primary School and it’s limited vehicular access, as well as being such a tall structure.

The MBRC’s planning scheme, adopted in 2016, allows for 7 storey buildings in certain areas of  the Moreton Bay region. 45 Dayboro Road Petrie is one of those locations, so regardless of any other limitations imposed on this site, nothing can be done to stop a structure of this height being built.


So what’s happening with the DA for 45 Dayboro Road, Petrie? Well, it has actually been refused by council. The reason for the DA refusal:

Ensure all existing overhead power lines are underground for the full Old Dayboro Road frontage of the development site.

This condition was not met during the last round of plan changes and it appears Avatar Investments do not believe the condition needs to be met. Their only avenue now is to appeal the decision in the Planning and Environment Court, but as of the 31st August 2018 no appeal has been lodged.

You can read the full decision notice at the source URL below.


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