University Fever in Petrie

In our best Tim Shaw voice “But wait, there’s more!”

If you have driven along Dayboro Road and have seen the development just after Woolworths (on the same side) very recently, you’ve probably groaned and thought “Oh look, they’re going to build more apartments!”. Well, you couldn’t have been more right!

27-29 Dayboro Rd - 3D Representation
27-29 Dayboro Rd – 3D Representation

This time, it’s short stay accommodation, consisting of 21 motel rooms (Although the application says 23, we only count 21) and student accommodation, consisting of 35 student accommodation rooms. All this, rolled into one property and being constructed by Murri Constructions.

This is all split between 2 buildings, a 2 storey building on the Eastern side which is the motel accomodation, and a 3 storey building on the Western side for the student accommodation. There also seems to be provision for a coffee shop on the ground floor of the student accommodation building, we wonder if it will be open 24hrs? 🙂

27-29 Dayboro Road - Motel Floor Plans
27-29 Dayboro Road – Motel Floor Plans

The motel accommodation is fairly standard of single room and bathroom style apartments. On the ground floor of the Motel accommodation is a 3 bedroom unit, which we would presume is intended to be lived in by the accommodation care taker, it also includes a street facing office.

27-29 Dayboro Road - Student Accommodation Floor Plan
27-29 Dayboro Road – Student Accommodation Floor Plan

The student accommodation looks reasonably similar to standard student dorms, although each room does have it’s own ensuite.  The rooms are grouped together in lots of 5, each group has a common room and common kitchen.  Each floor of the student accommodation building also has it’s own deck and recreational room. Each also floor has “storage rooms” though we assume these would also be utility space and a laundry for each floor.  Not to be short changed, each block of 5 rooms also has it’s own clothes line.

27-29 Dayboro Road - Ground Floor Floor Plan
27-29 Dayboro Road – Ground Floor Floor Plan

On the ground floor behind the retail space there will be a small amount of parking split up between staff parking, a loading bay, visitor parking, and accommodation parking, as well as bicycle racks. Spaces are severely limited so I guess they are assuming that being so close to public transport that most students will either walk or own a bicycle.

With the motel side having it’s own parking, all up there for both motel and student accommodation there is only 13 car parking spaces.  Hopefully there is no significant increase in on-street parking in local streets, but it is possible with such limited spaces available for the students.

This, so far, seems to be the first accommodation of it’s type, but we have no doubt it won’t be the last.  Expect to see more smaller older homes demolished or removed to make way for this kind of new building in the Petrie village area.  And expect a considerable amount of rental accommodation to be setup as student accommodation once the University gets up and running.

The houses that were on 27 and 29 Dayboro Road have already been removed, so construction will likely start fairly soon, and will no doubt be completed in time for the first round of University enrollments in 2020.

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