Upcoming Road Works on McClintock Drive

Have you seen those electronic signs on McClintock Drive and Brays Rd, informing of the upcoming roadworks for McClintock Drive?

McClintock Drive (looking from Goodfellows)

The long overdue work will be on the northern part of McClintock Drive, (i.e north of Goodfellows Rd), and includes:

  • Road Refurbishment – which I assuming means resurfacing,
  • Adding a righthand turn lane into Kate Court,
  • Underground stormwater drainage improvements,
  • Bicycle lanes and pedestrian pathway improvement,
  • Two fauna underpasses, and
  • Tree Street planning.

It however, does not include an upgrade of the intersection at Brays Rd. Perhaps this upcoming work is a precursor to an intersection upgrade, scheduled perhaps in the 17/18 budget. *crossing fingers*

McClintock Drive – Before Roadworks (looking from Kate Court)

The upcoming road work, which has a budget of 1.3 million, will take approximately 4-5 months. It will commence on 7 November 2016, and finish end-March 2017 (weather permitting).  Which is nice that it takes advantage of the longest school break of the year (7 Dec 16 – 23 Jan 17).

Noise to residents has been taken into consideration, with the work hours scheduled between 7am and 6pm. Let’s hope they take a break between 2.30-3.30pm each school day though. We know how crazy it is already around there, at that time.

Although it maybe a bit painful during the works, it will certainly make it a lot safer for pedestrians, school children & wild life, after it is all complete.

UPDATE: 27 October, 2016

Local Councilor Denise Sims explained on her facebook post announcing the roadworks,  why the Brays Rd/McClintock Dr intersection is not being encompassed in the upcoming roadworks. 

“I have also been asked about the Brays Rd-McClintock Rd intersection. 

McClintock Brays Road intersection, is a project valued at $15 million.
This intersection has major underground services that will require relocation. The intersection is identified in the Capital Works Program to commence Detailed Design in 2019 with works commencing over the following 2 years, with 5 million budgeted in first year and 10million to following in 2nd year.
While I will endeavour to bring this forward, we have major competing works across the region, in particular, the pending commencement of the Boundary Rd- Old Gympie Rd intersection upgrade.”

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