Update: Old Gympie Road Widening

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In one of out previous articles we reported on the plans to widen Old Gympie Rd. We have since received confirmation back from Cr Denise Sims on our initial enquiries, and are able to confirm where the currently planned signalised intersections will be.

Ann Street to Nellies Lane
Ann Street to Nellies Lane

In the previous article, in the widening of the section between Ann Street and Nellies Lane, we surmised that the intersection of Old Gympie Rd with Brickworks Road would be signalised.

Cr Denise Sims was able to comment on this section (make sure you read to the bottom of this article before jumping to conclusions though):

The first proposed road upgrade is between Ann Street and Nellies Lane in Kallangur, which will see Ann Street, Brickworks Road and Nellies Lane widened and signalised. Said Cr Sims.

So that’s not just the 1 intersection that we had assumed would be signalised, the current proposal is for all 3 intersections to be signalised.  Cr Sims also stated that the intersection with Roseann Street will not be signalised, but “will cater for all turns as well as sheltered right turn“.

Credit: Google StreetView

The other proposed upgrade was widening the road between Alma Road and Goodwin Road. Cr Sims has also confirmed that the intersection with Old Gympie Road and Hughes Road East and the Dakabin Waste Management Facility will be signalised as part of the proposal.

Like many residents, I want to see our roads maintained well into the future to not only cater for our growing community’s needs but to also help improve traffic flow and safety for local motorists.

By providing safer roads, we are encouraging residents to drive responsibly, cycle safely and generate better traffic flow efficiency as they travel through Old Gympie Road to get to local cafes, businesses, the local park and homes with greater ease.

She also advises us that community consultations will be held once a concept plan has been established. “During community consultation residents will have the opportunity to provide their feedback on the concept plan, similar to what we did on the Brays Rd, McClintock Dr consultation. I found this vital as it to gains local intel.”

At this stage, nothing is set in stone, so we will have to wait to see what the concept plans show us. It is possible that the slip lanes & right turns on green (when it’s safe to do so of course), maybe incorporated into the plans. Which, if used, will reduce the number of signal changes required to manage the intersection flow.

Design works for these projects are scheduled for the 2018/2019 budget year.  Now taking into account there then will be the public consultation process, we here at My K-Town 4503 don’t expect to see any actual construction of these upgrades commence before the beginning of 2019/2020 budget year.  We’ll let you know when we know more.

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