Who Built the Boundary Road Overpass?

Recently Trevor “Big Trev” Ruthenberg has come under fire, by the current Labor Government for claiming he built the Boundary Road Overpass.

We thought we should look at the background of their claims on Boundary Road, because it is hard to remember who did what (even if only finished last year), and we know funding can be secured by previous parties, but delivered by the next party.

First, what did Big Trev claim?

The claim has been made in a Election Ad, posted on Facebook with the comment “Don’t believe Labor’s lies.
I’ve got a strong track record of delivering for our community and that’s exactly what I’ll continue to do if I’m elected on the 28th of July.

It appears this claim for the bridge will confirm a “strong track record”.

In the video, when it begins to mention the Boundary Road Overpass, we see Big Trev with Liberal Federal Minister for Dickson, Peter Dutton and Liberal Federal Member for Petrie, Luke Howarth, on what appears to be the overpass it self, with the text overlay claim of  “Built Boundary Road Overpass”.

This is where Big Trev says in the voice over, “I worked with these guys, to build the roads & bridges we need. Here“. As he is gesturing to the Bridge.

Snapshot of Big Trev’s Election Video


Well, it does look pretty clear that Big Trev is wanting to claim for the build of this bridge.  Do you agree?

So who built the Bridge?

The Bridge itself was built by the State Department of Transport and Main Roads, using the contractor BMD Constructions, between May 2016 & September 2017.

The project was funded with $80.3 million from the Federal Coalition Government and $20.1 million from the State Labor Government.

So, Peter Dutton MP and Luke Howarth MP, as then & current members of the Coalition, with the previous Liberal MP Wyatt Roy (2010-2016), can be attributed to the Federal Funding.  But Big Trev wasn’t a Federal Member for parliament at this stage.

What about when he was State Member for Kallangur?

Big Trev was State Member for Kallangur from Mar 2012 and lost his seat to Labor’s Shane King in Feb 2015, when Labor won the State Government election.

So Big Trev was not the State Member for Kallangur at the time of the build of this overpass, in 2016-2017.  Nor was he in the seat when the job was put out to Tender in late 2015.

Big Trev didn’t build the Overpass, but was he at least involved in helping secure funding?

It appears that the Boundary Road Overpass funding happened because of the 2015 State Election. With the then LNP State Premier Campbell Newman, announcing on the 13th January 2015, (with Big Trev & then Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson), their plan for this project to be implemented in the next 3 years, if elected.

The Coalition Federal Government confirmed their 80% contribution to this project for this state election campaign, with this statement from then Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Warren Truss.

“The Federal Coalition Government will contribute up to $84 million to this project, with a re-elected LNP Government contributing the remainder.

Remember the State Contribution part was only an election promise from Campbell and Big Trev for the next term.  It wasn’t already budgeted for, with money already allocated.

So in the beginning of 2015 it was up to the newly elected Labor State Government to make it happen & commit to the 20% contribution as well. The labor Government confirmed their commitment to this project in the first half of 2015.

So in summary Big Trev DID NOT BUILD THE BOUNDARY ROAD OVERPASS.  Though we will give him credit for helping secure funding from Federal Government for the project, thanks to the 2015 state election campaign.


See the full video of Big Trev’s claims that he built the Boundary Road Overpass here:

My Record of Delivering

Don't believe Labor's lies.I've got a strong track record of delivering for our community and that's exactly what I'll continue to do if I'm elected on the 28th of July.

Posted by Trevor Ruthenberg – LNP for Longman on Sunday, 15 July 2018

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