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The identification of a previously convicted sex offender living in Kallangur has us thinking of the general safety of women.

Last week we saw the identification of a previously convicted sex offender living in Kallangur. It started with a flyer being distributed to neighbouring residents, informing them of his identification and location. It then begun with a flurry of posts and follow up comments on Facebook, as the information spread. With media outlets soon also taking up the news of the new dilemma faced by our local residents.

Woman Jogging – Source: http://www.freeimages.com/ – Ariel da Silva Parreira

Not long after the public identification of the man, he was reported to have temporarily moved from the area for the weekend, with the possibilitly of moving back to the Wacol Prison Precinct in the near future.

But it does raise the question of how safe women are in local Australian suburbs. With or without the knowledge of a known attacker near by.

Local Ladies, do you feel safe walking the beautiful paths around Kallangur, Murrumba Downs and Petrie? Do you avoid walking alone, on the secluded paths, even in the middle of the day? What about walking down our streets at night time? Or walking to the car, when you get off the train after nightfall?

Sometimes us women have no choice but to take these risks to our own safety. It is very sad in the first place that these are actually still considered risky, but what can we do? We certainly don’t want to be confined or limited because of our gender.  We want to be able to walk down the street, and feel no more risks then our male counterparts feel.

So even though it pains me to have to write this, if it means more of us ladies are protected, then it is a win.

Safety Tips for Women

New Walking Path along Rail Line
  1. Invest in a self defence course – I think this first tip is the best protection we can give ourselves, and it can be used in many different situations.
    If you know of some local self defence courses, please let us know (at info@myk.town), and we will list them at the bottom of this article.
  2. Avoid badly lit or secluded paths and car parks – If you can not avoid them, see these other tips.
  3. Walk with a friend – though this is not always possible. So when you can’t actually physically walk with a companion, and you are feeling threatened, call a friend on the phone and have them phone walk you to your destination.  I have done this multiple times, walking from Petrie Train Station to my car parked in a local street, when it was dark.
  4. Use a Safety App on your phone – Note these are only affective with good phone coverage and an adequate data plan.  A couple of apps that we at My K-Town, have used or looked at, include:
    • The Daniel Morcombe App – Yes, it is designed initially for child safety, but it does include a panic/emergency button that will sms your 2 emergency contacts, informing them you require help and will also list your location. Note: for best use, the user needs the ‘location’ feature turned on.
    • bSafe App – A very nifty, highly rated safety app, with lots of features (which does mean it requires more access to your phone than the average app). Additionally it requires your emergency contacts to also install the app, and accept your friendship.

Do you have other tips, apps or local self defence classes you would like to share?  Send us an email at info@myk.town.

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